Parazute™ activates social networks to avoid mental free-falling

With Parazute™, relatives may stay calm while their mentally ill loved ones may have peace of mind.

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With Parazute,™ relatives may stay calm

Being relatives ourselves, we know there’s a lot of stress and anxiety at stake every day, and we’re all desperately trying to help our loved ones. With Parazute™ you’ll be notified should a mentally ill friend or a family member need your support.

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With Parazute™ patients may have peace of mind

As a mentally ill person, it’s only natural that you can find it challenging to reach out for help when you are mentally free-falling. To help you, Parazute™ deploys support from your network when your mental status negatively changes. We hope to avoid hospitalisation, self-damage, or even more unnecessary fatal tragedies.

How Parazute™ works

The Parazute app reports the mental health status to the network based on a few daily inputs. It is less than one minute of effort. In case of adverse development in mental status – the self-selected “Parazuters” made up of family, friends, and even caregivers you already trust today, get notified that you need some love. Parazute™ is developed by patients, relatives, and mental healthcare professionals in close association with the Danish National Association for Mental Health.

With Parazute™ caregivers may know - before it is too late.

As a caregiver, it’s vital for you to be able to provide the right care at the right time. With Parazute™, you’ll always know which patient needs attention first and which patient is doing better. This enables you to deploy your resources and services based on the actual needs of your patients.

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Our social commitment is more than just words

Parazute™ has been built from the ground up in a true co-creation spirit. Every employee at Parazute has hands-on experience within the mental illness field, whether it’s being a patient, a relative, or a healthcare professional – simply put it’s a job requirement. We’ve committed to donating 30% of our basic monthly fees directly towards scientific research to actively help the outcome of digital psychiatry and the emotional well-being of relatives.